Fred waiter & the famosen Soul Sisters

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Fred waiter? Never belongs! If this predicate applies to you and you are a Soul fan, then you missed so far some. But actually that cannot at all be, because Fred waiter has, according to own predicate; -), all Soulhits, of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's 50's written. Admittedly it had it for financial reasons at its bucklige distorting shank such as Ike & Tina waiters, Earth, Fred & waiter, the waiters Brothers
Is the Fred a waiter?
and like it all hot transfers and those did not have then the success, which would actually have been entitled to Fred waiter. But of everything leaves itself to Fred waiter not under wars and writes further undauntedly a Soulhit after the other one.
Fred waiter consists of 7 musicians and on the stage is called it all, who would have it thought Fred waiter. But who now thinks that 7 Fred of waiter are exaggerated on a heap something perhaps nevertheless, that is said that there is even still more.
Ist das Fred Kellner
Or is the Fred a waiter?
Because Fred waiter is not alone on the way, but among other things of the 3 " Horny of horn " is accompanied and male horn is called naturally also Fred waiter. They let common revive optically and in music and the 80's 70's again, which are it a true joy. In addition, thus it is not yet enough, because in the ' group of self-helps for anonymous Soulmusiker ' it sought out 4 young Violisten before not all too-long time to begin ' with their instruments the nothing more knew '. And now routes it as the " super Sonic Silver stringer " with Fred waiter by German landing.
Or perhaps nevertheless rather it?
Where however does the famosen Soul Sisters remain with so many Fred of waiter? Gemach, in accordance with oh, in 2. Part the two concert halves complete they mass-accumulate on the stage and if I did not count myself, are now 16 persons on the stage. The famosen Soulsisters is also off the stage sisters and so far I is informed is called its married men Fred waiter, so that one can speak already almost of an exempt private company. Es könnte natürlich auch er sein
It could be naturally also it

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Report of the jazz costume ball in Leverkusen, naturally with Fred waiter

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